Efate, Vanuatu

Turtle Reef Vanuatu were looking for a way to provide and automated commentary for their coach tour from Port Vila to Turtle Reef wharf at Moso Landing on the northern coast of Efate.

As the local drivers often only spoke Bislama, the language of the ni-Vanuatu residents of Port Vila and Luganville, it was imperative that non-Bislama speaking visitors could understand the commentary points along the route from Port Vila to Moso Landing.

The solution was to utilise a Kruse Tour Master to trigger the playing of pre-recorded English commentaries at predefined GPS points along the route through the coach public address system.

For anyone who has visited Vanuatu and seen condition of the rutted and potholed dirt roads of Port Vila, it’s a welcome feeling to know that the drivers now only have to concentrate on driving the coach instead of also having to provide commentary.