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Kruse Tour Master

The Kruse Tour Master is a world first guiding technology.

The Kruse Tour Master pairs to the Kruse Explorers, enabling a tour guide to provide a “live guide” commentary via a microphone input to the guests listening on the “live channel”, while simultaneously GPS triggering or manual triggering pre-recorded commentaries to the guests who are listening on their selected language channel.

Whether in a coach, on a boat, conducting a walking tour or any combination of any of these tourism experiences, the guide has full control of both the live and pre-recorded commentary delivery.

The Kruse Tour Master also enables the guide to set the Kruse Explorers to “GPS mode”, which allows guests to walk or roam around an area or attraction at their own pace, GPS triggering relevant commentaries as they pass through points of interest.

The Kruse Tour Master also enables the guide to set a recall function that sets a timer/alarm to advise guests who are free-roaming, when to return back to the agreed meeting point.

The timer initially triggers the alarm at 10 minutes prior to the return time and then again at 5 minutes prior to the return time, with an increased urgency in the alarm. Once guests hear the alarm, they simply press any button on the Kruse Explorer keypad to cancel the alarm tone. Gone are the days of waiting for stragglers to return to the meeting point and holding up the tour for other guests.

The Kruse Tour Master has the following functionality:

  • Communicates with up to 128 Kruse Explorers
  • Provides crystal clear live commentary
  • GPS or manually triggers stories to play in each traveller’s chosen language
  • Fully wireless and portable (no installation costs)
  • Stores all tour options and controls which tours are played on the Kruse Explorers
  • In emergencies, the guide can immediately broadcast a safety or emergency message on all Kruse Explorers, overriding any commentaries that are playing
  • Set the Kruse Explorers to GPS mode to automatically trigger stories for the free roaming parts of a tour
  • Ability to set a recall time to be back at an agreed meeting point



The Kruse Explorers pair to the Kruse Tour Master and are worn by guests on guided tours.

Each guest has their own Explorer set to their desired language or the “live” channel if listening to the guide commentary broadcast.

All functionality of the Explorer is controlled by the guide using the Kruse Tour Master. The only interaction with the Kruse Explorer required by guests is to set their preferred volume.


The Kruse Solo is designed for self-guided tours at indoor attractions.

Guests simply select their language and then scroll through the commentary menu to select and play the commentary they would like to hear.


The Kruse Orbit is designed for self-guided tours at outdoor attractions.

Guests simply select their language and then follow the route. As they reach specified points of interest, the commentary relating to their location will automatically.

The manual triggering functionality of the Solo and the GPS triggering of the Orbit can be configured into one device, where the application is for both manual and GPS triggering of commentaries. An example of this requirement would be a historic home and garden tour, where the tour commentary experience operates both indoors and outdoors.

All guest devices receivers are equipped with the following features:

  • Fully wireless and portable (no installation costs).
  • Operates with standard 3.5mm headphones.
  • A long battery life of at least 15 hours after full recharge in the Kruse Smart Rack
  • Stores up to 16 languages
  • Virtually unlimited commentary storage (dictated by size of memory card)
  • Strong and durable construction for outdoor tours and attractions
  • Studio audio quality
  • Easy to use


Smart Rack

A recharger and data collection station for your commentary system.

  • Holds 32 Receivers
  • Charges Receivers within 3 hours.
  • Analysis on guest usage and preferences (new for 2024)**.

**New functionality will capture the daily usage statistics for each individual receiver. Reports can then be collated to analyse data such as most popular languages, usage by tour, duration of use etc. as well as any customised information that a client may require.

Kruse Media Player

The Kruse Media Player has been designed for applications that require GPS triggering of audio and visual information at predefined locations along a route.

The information can be audio only, video only, audio and video, static images, or a combination of all media types.

Applications for the Kruse Media Player include:

Transit bus and shuttle bus services:

  • Station or stop announcements
  • Safety messages
  • Advertising and Promotion

Tour Coach, Marine and Rail Experiences:

  • Safety messages
  • Video presentations
  • Static pictures or picture scrolls to support audio stories
  • Advertising and Promotion

The Kruse Media Player connects to your existing media/PA system:

  • RCA Audio output
  • HDMI video output (with automatic screen resolution detection)
  • 24vDC power
  • GPS receiver connects to one of the four USB ports

Audio-visual content can be immediately updated via USB memory device inserted into one of the Kruse Media Player’s USB ports.

Coming in 2024 – Audio-visual content can be immediately updated via Wi-Fi.

Online Database Editor

A web-based system that allows you to make immediate modifications to your tours

  • Secure access to your tours 24/7, anywhere in the world
  • Modify your existing tours or create new tour variations to suit changing circumstances e.g. road closures