The Sir Edmund Hillary Alpine Centre

Mount Cook Magic is an inspiring 3D cinematic experience unlike any other. Filmed at Mount Cook for the Sir Edmund Hillary Alpine Centre, this cinematic show takes guests on a truly immersive experience to climb Mount Cook, fly across the Southern Alps and ski the Tasman Glacier.

When the Sir Edmund Hillary Alpine Centre had a requirement to provide Mandarin and Japanese speaking visitors with a synchronised translation of the Mount Cook Magic 3D cinematic experience, they chose the KRUSE Wireless Multilingual Commentary system as the best solution.The KRUSE Wireless Multilingual Commentary solution consisted of a standard KRUSE Tour Master to trigger the KRUSE receivers worn by Mandarin and Japanese guests to play the appropriate foreign language soundtrack.Mandarin and Japanese visitors now enjoy the Mount Cook Magic experience in their own language, perfectly synchronised to whats playing on the 3D screen.

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