Vivid Sydney 2017 is just around the corner (26th May – 17th June), and tourism in Sydney is set to explode again. With a record breaking 2.3 million visitors in 2016, this fantastic 23-day festival of light, music and ideas brings in tons of visitors to the city because of the diverse and unique experiences it offers. It’s one of the foremost creative festivals in the world and Australia’s largest event of its kind. There are three distinct focus areas to the festival: Vivid Light, Vivid Music and Vivid Ideas.

Vivid Light transforms Sydney into a glorious wonderland of ‘light art’ sculptures, light installations and innovative projections for all to enjoy – and guess what, it’s free! It is a magical celebration of design excellence and the world’s largest outdoor ‘gallery’.

Vivid Music presents a cutting-edge contemporary music program, with local and international acts. These performances take place at the iconic Sydney Opera House, as well as at other large venues and small bars. At the heart of Vivid Music is Vivid LIVE, a program of cutting-edge music that takes place at Australia’s most famous building, the Sydney Opera House.

Last but definitely not least is Vivid Ideas. This is Asia Pacific’s annual celebration of innovation, creativity and community, offering professional development opportunities across the sector. The program showcases ideas from all sorts of areas including technology, the start-up culture, design and architecture, film and screen content, advertising and marketing, animation, VFX, lighting and events. During the festival, Vivid Ideas brings together business and creative leaders for professional development, informational updates on their industries, market opportunities and innovation.

Here are some of the events that we are most looking forward to at Kruse:


Supernova by-passes the bright lights of the city to create a starry night sky, representing Australia. An array of cantilevered umbrellas open and close and when fully open, there’s a flash of bright light, revealing the supernova! This miniaturised astronomical event, in Bulletin Place, represents the sudden birth of a star, which then goes back into the ‘Milky Way’.

Curve Ball

The already legendary Curve Ball is back, bringing together an extraordinary national and international line-up of creatives, artists and musicians. Curve Ball stood out as a unique experience uniting quality dance music with stunning visuals in a spectacular industrial setting. This year, Curve Ball returns to Carriageworks as part of Vivid Sydney for their second immersive musical and visual experience.

Game-Changer: Jonah Peretti

We can’t wait for this happen! An Australian first and Vivid Sydney exclusive, BuzzFeed founder Jonah Peretti takes the stage. He will be dispelling traditional notions of media to focus on how audiences seek, share and engage with content. Peretti will discuss the growth of BuzzFeed from an experimental lab creating and tracking viral content to its position as a global news and entertainment network read by millions. He’ll reveal insights gained regarding the intersection of technology and creativity, the importance of the human element in framing content and his vision for the evolution of the media and creative endeavour in the social age.

And this is just a tiny fragment of the amazing line up! Get the detailed agenda here.

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