Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Join Fullers Great Sights on board Dolphin Seeker for the best half day in the Bay.

Set off on a half-day Bay of Islands cruise in search of dolphins and other marine life. Enjoy the views from our catamaran Dolphin Seeker as we journey right to the end of the Cape Brett Peninsula, to the famous Hole in the Rock on Motukokako Island.

The Maori name Motukokako means “island of the Kokako” where the Kokako is one of our native birds, It was here that the young Maori warriors would scale the sheer cliffs to search for kokako feathers to adorn their cloaks. Kokako birds no longer live on Motukokako Island. In more recent times, local young men climbed the cliffs to gather titi or muttonbirds. Muttonbirds are also known as the sooty shearwater and belong to the order of sea birds known as petrels. The name, “muttonbird” appears to have originated among early European settlers in Australasia and is said to refer to the taste of the flesh. At least as probable is the theory that the name actually refers to the rather woolly appearance of the downy young birds. The 18 metre or 60-foot hole in the rock was created over centuries by wind and waves making it one of the most naturally beautiful sites in New Zealand.