Montreal, Quebec, Canada

In 2000, VIA Rail were looking for a way to deliver a consistent and reliable commentary experience in French and English on their Bras D’or and Ocean rail services. The traditional use of bilingual guides to deliver the commentary was not meeting VIA Rails expectation for consistency and reliability in commentary delivery.  A new innovative solution that could ensure consistency and reliability was required.

After reading about a Kruse Globals’ world first innovative GPS commentary technology and the success that Kruse Global had with Tranz Rail and Gray Line Nova Scotia, VIA Rail elected for the same GPS solution that automatically triggered the playing of the audio commentary in French followed by English over the trains public address system as the trains passed through GPS trigger points along the respective routes.

Feedback from VIA Rail was that the passengers loved the immersive and entertaining commentary. The requirement was to now expand the commentary service across all of VIA Rails other tourism rail journeys.