London, United Kingdom

Over a million people visit Stonehenge each year. The vast majority of visitors are not allowed direct access to the megaliths of the Stone Circle, which are protected by a rope barrier positioned 15ft away.

On this exclusive special access tour from London, you’ll be invited to enter the Stone Circle and experience Stonehenge as never seen before. Stand beside the magnificent Sarsens that tower over the circle and reach an astonishing 30 feet or 9 metres. Enjoy the peace and tranquillity away from the crowds as you experience Stonehenge at its atmospheric best.

After Stonehenge, the tour heads to Windsor Castle. At Windsor, you’ll discover a historic town steeped in hundreds of years of royal tradition and heritage. Wander its cobbled streets and browse the quaint tea rooms and shopping arcades as our tour guide brings the history of this splendid royal town to life.

Evan Evans requirement was for non-English guests to be able to enjoy a multilingual commentary in five languages, while the guide simultaneously provided a live guide commentary to guests listening to the “live channel”. Evan Evans chose Kruse Global to provide their required technology solution.

Kruse Global were the only organisation that could provide a wireless multilingual commentary solution that enabled Evan Evans guests to seamlessly transit from commentary automatically delivered by GPS delivered while on-board the coach, to the Kruse Global guest devices then automatically switching over to “GPS mode” to enable guests to automatically hear commentaries relevant to their location as they walk around the Stonehenge monument, at their own pace.

Once back aboard the coach, the Kruse Global solution GPS triggers commentaries along to route to Windsor Castle, where guests then disembark the coach to enjoy a GPS guided commentary tour of the town of Windsor.