London, United Kingdom

Evan Evans most popular and comprehensive Tour of London where guests jump straight into the history of London on this fantastic full-day tour, spending the day exploring London’s most iconic sights and attractions with an expert tour guide.

As you make your way through the city, your guide and our Kruse Global GPS commentary technology will impart exciting stories and interesting facts about London’s long history. Along the way, you will see all of London’s most iconic landmarks, including the Albert Memorial, Westminster Abbey, the iconic Elizabeth Tower, also known as ‘Big Ben’, St Paul’s Cathedral and the Tower of London.

Evan Evans requirement was for non-English guests to be able to enjoy a multilingual commentary in five languages, while the guide simultaneously provided a live guide commentary to guests listening to the “live channel”. Evan Evans chose Kruse Global to provide their required technology solution.

Kruse Global were the only organisation that could provide a wireless multilingual commentary solution that enabled Evan Evans guests to seamlessly transit from commentary automatically delivered by GPS delivered while on-board the coach, to the guide then manually triggering commentaries as guests were guided through St Pauls Cathedral and the Tower of London.