Uluru, Australia

This tour takes you to the inspiring red-hued sedimentary rock domes of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park to watch the sunset. They are thought to have originally been one huge piece of rock, much like Uluru, that has weathered over millions of years to become an intriguing series of individual formations.

Wethen drive around Uluru to the Mutijulu waterhole, where your guides will take you on a walk for about an hour, where you will see Anangu artwork within a cave, walking to the Mutijulu waterhole, after which we will board the coach and head out for our sunset viewing of Uluru.

As evening approaches, each passing minute brings something new as the domes continue to change colour with the setting sun.

AAT Kings requirement was for non-English guests to be able to enjoy a multilingual commentary in six languages, while the guide simultaneously provided a live guide commentary to guests listening to the “live channel”. AAT Kings chose Kruse Global to provide their required technology solution.

Kruse Global were the only organisation that could provide a wireless multilingual commentary solution that enabled AAT Kings to seamlessly transit from commentary automatically delivered by GPS delivered while on-board the coach, to the guide then manually triggering commentaries as guests were guided on a walking tour of the Mutujulu waterhole.